LIVE: San Francisco election night coverage (Props B&C losing big)


Tonight's election is a showdown on the waterfront. Propositions B and C offer San Francisco voters the chance to shoot down the 8 Washington luxury condo project, which we've been covering for some time. Bay Guardian Editor Steven T. Jones and News Editor Rebecca Bowe are at the No on B&C and Yes on B&C parties, respectively, and you can catch their tweets here in this post. Just hit your browser's "refresh" button for their latest tweets and the latest election numbers. 

The most recent posts will be towards the top, and election numbers will be time stamped. Remember, hit "refresh" on your browser to see the latest.

Last numbers of the night (not official until final counts made and validated by Department of Elections): 

Proposition A -- Retiree Health Care Trust Fund: YES 68.7%

Proposition B -- 8 Washington Street Initiative: NO 62.22%

Proposition C -- Referendum: NO 66.56%

Proposition D -- Prescription Drug Purchasing: YES 80.08%

Total registration and turnout: 21.73% 

Read our full endorsements and explanations of propositions and unopposed candidacies here

10:23pm: Guardian editors Steven T. Jones and Rebecca Bowe are signing off for the night and heading home, but as our last live refresh of this post, we'll let you catch a glimpse of some of the reactions to the Props B&C defeat below. 

10:16pm: With 98% of precincts reporting in, just 21.67% of San Francisco voters turned out for this election, a possible new record low. Though the results are not official just yet, as some mail-in ballots have yet to be counted.  

10:06pm: New results from the Department of Elections in: Proposition B: No, 62.17% Proposition C: No, 66.51% with 402 of 409 precincts reporting (98.29%)


9:41pm: Department of Elections has adjusted their turnout -- 225 of 409 precincts (55.01%) -- Things could still change. 

9:31pm Updated results are in to the Department of Elections, and Props B&C are getting trounced. Proposition B: No, 60.24% Proposition C: No, 65.06%

9:27pm: The Department of Elections is reporting "409 of 409 precincts (100%)" have come in, but also note that results are not yet official.

9:24pm: Six more minutes until the newest results are posted by the Department of Elections. 

9:19pm: Proposition B: No, 32,025 (55.73%) Yes, 25,442 (44.27%) Proposition C: No, 34,876 (61.62%) Yes, 21,725 (38.38%)



Such great news on B & C!!! Louisse Renne is right - the Planning Dept is a joke as I found out when I heard everyone of them except one voted for the plasticization and toxification of Golden Gate Park where the natural grass (and integral part of GGP) Beach Chalet soccer fields are. This despite the Master Plan of the GG Park outlawing such a travesty - the so-called Planning Dept ignored the City's own Master Plan! Yes they are a joke.

Congrats to all those who worked and voted against Prop B & C - it went to the people instead of the insiders at the Planning Dept, the Bd of Supes (Eric Mar - what a joke this guy is, he went to bat for the late rightwing Republican Don Fisher in Fisher's stupid idea to turn the natural grass field in GGP at Beach Chalet soccer fields to dead toxic plastic (and 600,000 lbs of toxic tire particles), then he votes for this terrible project. Some progressive!

Looks like the opponents of the toxification of GGP are going to have to take a lesson from those who put this on the ballot so that the dumb insiders on the BOS, Rec & Park, & Planning Commission have their power to do dumb things taken away.

Posted by Guest on Nov. 06, 2013 @ 12:11 am

Yea we beat back B+C but A passed people so city workers watch your pockets deals have been cut so lets wait to see how much it cost us.

Posted by Guest Brenda Barros on Nov. 06, 2013 @ 10:23 am

Just an observation from my years of election night party-going... the candidate/initiative position with the LESS exclusive party is the one to vote for.

If one candidate/position lists their election night party on their website and the other doesn't, go with the one that does.

If both list it, go with the one that seems less exclusive (for example, needing an RSVP is a bad sign).

Posted by Greg on Nov. 06, 2013 @ 10:04 pm

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